Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Final Technical Class

We have finally reached the end of the technical classes and I am going to miss working on those kinds of projects. I really learned alot about networks and computer systems that I didn't know before and liked the wide range of topics that were covered. Some worked out for me better than others (especially the database management block) but overall I enjoyed it and would like to learn more about some specific courses, particularly accounting and network management. Program managemet was interesting and something I could see myself trying to get certification in but I sometimes have trouble counting on others to do work that I could do myself so that may not be the best career move for me. I am looking forward to the Kirkpatrick series starting in a couple of weeks and trying to nail down the last three CLEPs I have to complete for the elective requirements. I will definitely be busy through the end of the year but I am sure completing the course and receiving my degree will make it all seem well worth it.